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About SafeStack

About SafeStack

SafeStack is a community-centric online training platform that takes a flexible, people-focused approach to ongoing cyber security education at a time when it’s never been more needed.

By teaching software development teams to weave in security from idea to maintenance, as well as providing cyber security and privacy awareness training for the wider workforce, SafeStack’s training programs offer a comprehensive way of protecting people, systems, and data in an ever-changing world.

Through relevant, high-quality content created by industry experts and released regularly, SafeStack learners build and apply essential security skills and behaviors as they go. Plus, our platform’s built-in assessments and reporting mean organizations can meet compliance requirements with ease.

Our leadership team

Photo of Laura Bell Main

Laura Bell Main

Founder and CEO

Laura specializes in securing some of Australia and New Zealand’s fastest-growing organizations.

An experienced conference speaker, trainer, and author, Laura’s work has been profiled in MIT Tech Review and Wired, and she has been published by O’Reilly and Holloway.

Photo of Erica Anderson

Erica Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Erica is a detail-oriented delivery specialist who can empathize with pretty much anything.

She’s worked internationally as a consultant, engineer, tester, analyst, incident responder, and trainer.

Erica is also an organizer Kawaiicon and co-author of Security for Everyone.

Photo of Jigar Patel

Jigar Patel

Chief Technology Officer

Jigar is a problem solver, engineer, and tinkerer who has worked with teams around the world.

With a background spanning development, consulting, and technical leadership across Europe and APAC, he understands what it takes to help teams deliver good software.

Our people and culture

Our fully remote team reaches across New Zealand and Australia, and though we live in different places, we have one very important thing in common: we care a lot about making cyber security skills available to as many people and organizations as possible.

We’re a mix of specialists across cyber security, engineering, marketing, sales, design, learning, product, and customer experience (often all in one person), and we believe in working across roles and helping each other out.

Our people are always our priority, and as a small team with big dreams, we know how important it is to make time for our wellbeing. To help with that, we have monthly wellness days — an extra day of paid leave for each person to spend doing something that makes them happy — and an annual wellness allowance.

We’re proud to be a diverse team, and we’ll always look for ways to bring more empathy, empowerment, and inclusivity into cyber security.

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For profit, with purpose

At SafeStack, we believe everyone and every organization has the right to be safe and secure online.

We believe that to make this happen, we have to provide all organizations with the skills and resources they need to achieve this in a way that works for their environment.

For established companies, we provide a world-class training platform that helps them develop a secure development culture as their team grows.

We invest in those who don’t have the resources to do this by supporting smaller organizations with our Free plan, as well as by sponsoring individuals and non-profit communities.

By combining our global business with this conscious support of our wider ecosystem, SafeStack is committed to ensuring that we all improve our cyber security maturity, together.

Illustration showing how all organisations are connected

Our values

Be innovative

We change the way we talk about cyber security, and the way we manage it.

Help everyone learn

We create a secure foundation based on education, not fear, with content that’s relevant for everyone.

Lead with empathy

We set the direction for cyber security in a rapidly changing world, and we do it with care, consideration, and empowerment.

Be trustworthy

Cyber security threats make people and organizations vulnerable. They can trust us to help them be safer.


We’re stronger together, so we collaborate within our team, with other organizations, and across disciplines.

Build community

We create community within our team, build communities to support our learners, and bring security knowledge to the wider community by sharing our skills.

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What our customers say about SafeStack

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“Using SafeStack makes rolling out cyber security training so much easier. We know we’re getting high-quality content that’s relevant to what our team needs to know.”

“Having SafeStack’s training in place leads to a safer company, stronger security of our products and customer data, and ultimately supports Trade Me’s position as one of our country’s most trusted brands.”

“We’re a lean, forward-focused startup, and our team needs to learn practical, useful, and up-to-date cyber security information — so SafeStack’s high-quality, concise content works well for us.”