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About us

Secure the software you design and build with the leading secure development training platform and meet compliance with ease. Founded in 2020, SafeStack helps organizations of all sizes to be secure by design

Our leadership team

Photo of Laura Bell Main

Laura Bell Main


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Erica Anderson


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Jigar Patel


Our values

SafeStack is led by its values. They help us focus and keep us aligned as a team and delivering world leading secure development training.


Create education that grows curiosity, excitement, and changes behavior.


High-quality decisions are made using science and good data.


Be contributors, not consultants.


Don’t aim to get more done; aim to have less to do.


Pace yourself for the marathon, don’t burn out in the sprint.


It’s more important to get it right than it is to be right.

For profit, with purpose

At SafeStack, we believe everyone and every organization has the right to be safe and secure online.

We believe that to make this happen; we must provide all organizations with the secure development training and resources they need to achieve this in a way that works for their environment.

By combining our global business with this conscious support of our broader ecosystem, SafeStack is committed to ensuring that we all improve our cyber security maturity together.

A ninja and a unicorn kneel next to a seedling. A metaphor for growing skills through secure development training