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Our Values

At the heart of everything we do, we align with and stand by these values and principles.


Creating and challenging trust between applications, organisations and people.


Uniting technical disciplines to build secure applications and systems.


Changing the way we talk about security, changing the way we manage it.


Setting the direction for security in a rapidly changing world.


Bringing security knowledge to the wider community and sharing our skills.


Creating a secure foundation based on education not fear.

Our Leaders

We are gathering a team of the best in application development and security.

Laura Bell photo
Laura Bell

Founder and CEO

Dean Carter photo
Dean Carter

Director, Security Advisory

Our Team

Say hello to the SafeStack team.

Sam Macleod photo
Sam Macleod
Hannah Brown photo
Hannah Brown
Chris Chong photo
Chris Chong
Aiden Storey photo
Aiden Storey
Robert Maxted photo
Robert Maxted
Nick Malcolm photo
Nick Malcolm
Ani Macleod photo
Ani Macleod
Arnold photo
Arnold (Dog)
Petra Smith photo
Petra Smith

Our Partners

We partner with some of the worlds best specialist security firms, so we can give you the best tailored service.

At SafeStack, we believe that information security is a complex field demanding technical specialists in a range of complementary fields. By focusing on our core services and partnering with some of the worlds best specialist security firms, we can give you the best tailored service to meet any need.

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