Advice you can trust

At SafeStack we provide a range of agile information and application security services that can support your business as it grows.

Advisory Services

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help weave lightweight and pragmatic security into your organization.

Secure Design and Development

We help technical teams reduce vulnerabilities by integrating security practices early and often.

More than a nice to have, secure development practices are now enforced by compliance regimes such as PCI DSS.

  • Secure Development Integration

    Whether you're DevOps, Agile, waterfall, or none-of-the-above, we can help you integrate security into your SDLC.

  • Architecture & System Design Review

    Collaborating with your teams to figure out how to design systems which are as safe and secure as possible.

Security and Risk Assessment

Assessing risk and security maturity are key to planning and implementing a successful and measurable security programme.

Understand and communicate your security maturity with SafeStack.

  • Risk Assessment

    Our advisors can help you discover, document, and control risk within your organization.

  • Baseline Security Assessment

    Understand where you're at, and get achievable action points for improving your information security posture.

Security Management and Governance

Security management takes time. Upskill your team and complement your staff with security management assistance.

Get more done and move your organisation along its security journey with security management assistance.

  • Policy & Standard Creation

    Plain English and immediately usable policies and standards are our specialty.

  • Virtual Security Officer (VSO)

    A VSO will work alongside your staff and deliver meaningful security improvements to your organization.

Dfend has taken a significant workload off our IT team.
Fantastic, well executed tool.

Matt Archer, CIO, Pushpay

We love working with SafeStack.
They have been excellent to deal with and are very open to feedback, which is key.

Jason Danner, Aerorock

Feedback once again has been great, following SafeStack's recent course.
One attendee now wants to join my [security] team!

Mark Shaw, ASB

This is a really good course for learning basic security procedures
and how to mitigate and protect my organisation in case a major security breach happens.

Peter Fowler, Enable
Who loves SafeStack?
Why do people love SafeStack advisory?

We're not just about assessments, guidance, policies, or advice.
We're about people.

  • Globally recognised advisors

    Our advisors are international conference speakers and published authors in their fields.

  • No jargon, just plain English

    We make sticking to industry standards understandable and achievable.

  • Agile Specialists

    We excel in helping organizations weave security into their Agile and DevOps SDLCs.

  • No shock tactics

    We help you create a secure foundation based on education, not fear.

  • We grow with you

    Tailored security recommendations that grow with your needs.

  • Skills transfer

    We're strong advocates of skills transfer, upskilling and onboarding staff into permanent security roles.

Not sure what you need?
Special requirements and unusual projects?

If you're looking for something else, or not sure what you need, get in touch. We are able to provide bespoke ad-hoc services as and when required.