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Adopt an SMB: Support, Safety and Survival

As New Zealand and the world start to slowly emerge from lockdowns and navigate the complexities of our new operating environment, we would like to ask our technical friends and partners to help us keep small businesses safe and prepped for survival.

Little companies are being bold right now. They are fighting to keep going despite losing their normal ways of operating. They need to stay safe, but they also need to get their voices heard by customers. They may have invested some of their crucial cash reserves in their new online ventures and they need to start selling.

Here are some ways you can help an SMB close to your heart

Make sure they can be found with Google

Check they have their business details listed on Google including phone number, website and an email address Make sure their opening hours are up to date and that the location is set correctly.

Protect their most valuable accounts

Check that they have secured their email account and their new online shopping site (if they have one). Suggest (and help them set up) easy to use 2FA – this is not the time to get technical. Keep it simple and successful.

Help amplify their message.

Share with friends, build lists of local businesses that are open… make it easy to find – think facebook etc. They are small and mighty but don’t have the reach. Lift them up.

Be kind and listen

This is a super daunting time for many small business owners.

This is new to them and some will need some help and an open ear. Use your tech skills to help them feel strong, not make them feel weak

Whatever you normally do, whatever your role is. I hope this week you can find an hour to help a small company into the digital retail world. We need them to survive more than ever and each of us can do a little to help that.