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Become a security champion – with SafeStack Academy

<movie narrator voice>

In a world where software... rules the... *cough* ... world
and where hackers are the biggest threat the world has ever.... no wait
One organisation stands alone... 
with all developers....
and testers...
... at least 2m apart...
... but most likely online. 
...or in animal crossing

</movie narrator voice>

2020 has been quite the year

For most of us in the application development space, our worlds changed dramatically this year….

Many of us went remotely.
Many of our organisations changed focus

But some things didn’t change.

We still have to build secure systems, we still have to meet compliance requirements.. we still have to build amazing applications to help the world be stronger and safer.

The team hear at SafeStack know that the mission continues even if we have to stay apart.

Changing times require new approaches

To support development teams of all sizes – from one person to many… we are thrilled to announce SafeStack Academy – Secure Development Edition.

Launching in June 2020, with no minimum seat requirements and affordable pricing options for both individuals and teams. I hope you will join is in building a global community of security champions, one person at a time.

Meet your compliance requirements, train your development teams and learn in a way that is as flexible as the world needs us to be right now.


More than just online learning – this is about community

We are stronger together

Supported by online labs, monthly online seminars and office hours with tutors, SafeStack Academy makes sure you and your team have all the support you need to learn successfully.

With a range of courses available at launch and new courses added on a regular schedule, SafeStack Academy will provide security education to developers, testers, architects, analysts and designers. Supporting secure development and the diverse roles and challenges it brings.

Become  security champions with SafeStack

Whether you are a team of one taking on the world from your tiny start-up, or a team of hundreds supporting the world… or perhaps somewhere in the middle. Come and say hello.

At SafeStack we believe that everyone has the right to be safe online and that means making world class education available to all.