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Ever Upward – Introducing SafeStack’s New Chief Operating Officer

We have made some exciting changes here at SafeStack.

There are more of us now, having grown from 1 to 7 people since September 2019. We have new products in the form of SafeStack Academy and our soon to launch Developer Academy. We even have new french antique books, exercise routines, and house plants (mainly to make up for the ones we neglected, RIP charlie the desk plant). We also have new roles.

Introducing our new Chief Operating Officer

We are excited to announce a new role for Erica Anderson as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). This is the first time that SafeStack has had this role and it marks a new phase of execution for SafeStack and our mission of making security to everyone.

erica - CircleErica has been with us for a little less than a year. Bringing with her a range of experiences from large, high growth start-ups, global scale consultancy and government, she has a natural flair for operational excellence and making sure that SafeStack delivers the exceptional standard we are known for, without compromising our values.

After leading the team on a day-to-day basis, making sure we bring you all the goodness that is SafeStack Academy as planned, this role is a natural progression.

Execution needs balance

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer, I have posted openly about the challenges of leading a complex small business like SafeStack. I am an ideas driven, strategic thinker and this brings with it strength and direction for our team. It needs balance though.

As a details focused executor, Erica brings the day to day operations to my vision and strategy, the yin to my yang – and we balancing each other’s strengths and goals well.

Best of all, this new role has come about in a natural way as and when we were ready for it.

The creation of this COO role will enable me to focus on our strategy, funding, partnerships and sales execution as we continue to push towards our growth goals.

We’re just getting started

This is one change of many to come for SafeStack. We are very excited to share all the fun, exciting changes as soon as we can.

For now, join me in congratulating Erica in her new role and feel free to contact SafeStack ( if you want to learn more about SafeStack Academy and how we can help bring security to smaller, growing businesses.