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Free online masterclass: Security for unicorn farmers

Earlier this month, we held a special online masterclass, targeted specifically at investors and stakeholders in high growth companies. The aim of this masterclass was to share our playbook for supporting cyber security in high growth companies.

Why did we do this?

It’s simple. The earlier you get started with cyber security, whether it’s in your software development lifecycle or in your overall company’s journey, the easier it is for you to understand your risks.

In turn, this makes it easier to scale your security approaches as you grow, instead of having to spend a lot of money on getting consultants to help you or on retrofitting practices to complex processes and systems.

Investors directly influence security in their portfolios

At SafeStack Academy, we believe information like this playbook should be available to all new investors and stakeholders.

This group of people is an interesting one, and perhaps you’re in it. While you may not be technical or involved in the day to day operations of your portfolio companies, those companies need to consider cyber security and they look to you to provide guidance — and in some ways, permission — to spend resources on it.

Cyber security is too expensive… to ignore

As an investor, it can be tempting to ignore cyber security for as long as possible. After all, it never directly adds to your bottom line.

However, by encouraging your portfolio companies to embrace security earlier in their journey, you can help them achieve a lot.

They can speed up their sales processes by taking the pain out of due diligence. They can impress potential clients in different jurisdictions by showing mature approaches above and beyond what’s expected of a company of their size. They can simplify and focus their designs, products, and processes, allowing them to eliminate unnecessary risk and complexity.

Many of these lessons will sound familiar.

Reducing risk, simplifying, and focusing are practices investors consistently drill into company founders from minimum viable product onwards.

We believe it’s time to apply the same approach to security.

What can you expect from this masterclass?

We start at the start by introducing the idea of Minimum Viable Security: the type of security you can put in place from Day Zero.

Our playbook is a practical guide that to prepares you to use cyber security as a tool to increase resilience and enable growth.

Check out the recording of this free masterclass here.

Make it part of your playbook to  support cyber security in high growth companies

I hope you enjoy this talk and you can share the lessons within it with your portfolio companies. If you work in a high growth company yourself, why not put it into action there?

In the coming months, we’ll release this playbook as a white paper and actionable guide — watch this space.

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