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Help Wanted – Business Development Manager

Greetings new friend, are you our new business development manager?

So 2020 has been quite the year huh?

At SafeStack, we have been on a big mission. We have built and launched online training to help growing companies with security awareness and secure development. It’s been quite a ride.

We have reached the point now where our little ship is missing an important member. It’s time for us to hire our first-ever sales role. This is a big deal for us. Moving from founder-led sales to a broader approach is a huge step and we need the right person.

We are looking for someone to help move our growth forward, lead our sales process and help us achieve our mission of making security available to everyone.

We are looking for our first Business Development Manager*

(* that’s sales lead in plain English and for those in SaaS companies, you might call it something different entirely… job titles are hard)

About you

  • You have sales experience in the SaaS  (Software as a Service) or educational/learning platform space and know how to sell via funnels in a digital space.
  • You are part hunter, you are happy to pick up the phone, craft a message and reach out into the world but equally, you know when to manage the relationships we have.
  • You have a track record of growing sales for your companies, exceeding targets and maybe even leading sales functions in early stage companies.
  • You can handle inbound leads /run demonstrations and convert leads to paying customers.
  • You can identify key prospects and size opportunities so that we make sure they reach the right sales process. (Extra points if you’ve used HubSpot before).
  • You know the value of a good sales operations practice and know when to get the tooling right.  You can work with the team to get this humming.
  • You know when the occasional sale needs a relationship based approach and can qualify and set appointments to support this.
  • You can own and manage customer relationships, ensuring that our customers are supported throughout  their security journey.
  • With time, as the company grows, you can lead a team to help build leads, coach others, and grow sales further.
  • You are comfortable, independent and effective when working from home and are familiar with the tools and technologies that enable that. You can do this while still contributing and playing a role in our culture.
  • You have the legal right to work and reside in New Zealand.
  • You have a safe and appropriate space to work from somewhere in New Zealand (must have good internet).

About us

  • We are 7 people spread across New Zealand and Australia.
  • We work remotely… we don’t have an office and that means we have adapted how we work to create culture and connection without a physical shared space. This takes effort and doesn’t work for everyone.
  • We are a mix of developers,  marketers, graphic designers, trainers and consultants and often work across roles and help each other out.
  • We work with over 80 customers in 7 countries – from 4 person startups to 4000 person enterprises with a few governments thrown in for good measure.
  • We like working together, funny gifs, cheesy TV shows, the ocean, cats, comic books, video games, family time, hats, movies, Les Miserables,  good food and a million things in between.
  • It has been less than 2 days since our last screw up. We will screw up again soon, but we believe in failure and blameless culture.
  • We try (really hard) to work no more than 37 hours a week, encourage good healthy habits and make work a nice place to come to.
  • We are happy to accommodate part-time or altered working patterns if you have other important things in your life like a family or commitments.
  • We pay well, have an annual wellness allowance and employee share option program.

Does this sound like you?

We are offering a good base pay, competitive OTE and a great team.  So if you read all the way down here and think this could be you. We would love to talk to you.

We especially welcome applicants that make us more diverse, whether that be gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, physical ability or any other factor I will have forgotten to list here.

We are working with Talent Army to fill this role. For more details and to apply, please visit

We aren’t in a hurry here.

So take your time.

We would rather have an empty seat than the wrong person in it.