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Help Wanted – Digital Marketing Coordinator (CLOSED)

Update on 27 July 2020: We are happy to announce this opening has been filled!

Well, hello there. It’s an exciting time here at SafeStack. Having just launched SafeStack Academy, we are on a path to change the way that smaller and growing organisations do information security and we’re very excited to succeed.

We need help reaching the organisations who need us

Companies like SafeStack grow by reaching new audiences and sharing our approaches, products and services in a way that people understand and connect with.

Historically, we have done this via social media, emails and blog posts – hoping to spread our message wide. As we have become busier however, we have started to understand that we need a specialist on the team.

We are looking for a digital marketing coordinator to plan, manage and execute our marketing plans.

About you

  • Brand and product marketing are your thing, particularly in the digital space.
  • You have been doing this long enough to know what you don’t know and have some real stories to share.
  • You are a hands on, pragmatic person ready to get stuck in and get the job done.
  • You are OK working with/managing outside agencies and equally willing and able to do some stuff yourself.
  • You have experience in growing companies, extra points if they include SaaS companies or companies that sell online digital products.
  • You have experience in helping companies create consistent, measurable marketing strategies and growing their reach.
  • You may have some experience in SEO/SEM or managing social media campaigns. 
  • You have some experience of CRM tools, extra points if you’ve used HubSpot before.
  • You appreciate simplicity over complexity.
  • You are a great communicator, both as a teammate but also written and visual communication.
  • You can work with our team to create great marketing content.
  • You know about failing at stuff, learning from it and avoiding past mistakes.
  • You ask for help when you need it, or communicate when you are stuck and just want to try and spend some time un-sticking yourself.
  • You are OK with the team rallying behind you to support you in finding solutions on your own or with the team.
  • Collaboration is your jam. You can work with others on a team to play to everyone’s strengths to create a solid outcome. 
  • Perhaps you have worked on a small team or for a small company before, and understand the challenges of budget and resourcing.
  • You have a life outside of technology.
  • You have the legal right to work in New Zealand and live somewhere in our beautiful country.
  • You have somewhere safe and suitable you can work from and are happy to work remotely.

About us

  • We are 5 people spread across New Zealand and Australia.
  • We work remotely… we don’t have an office and that means we have adapted how we work to create culture and connection without a physical shared space. This takes effort and doesn’t work for everyone.
  • We are a mix of developers, graphic designers, trainers and consultants and often work across roles and help each other out.
  • We work with over 80 customers in 7 countries – from 4 person startups to 4000 person enterprises with a few governments thrown in for good measure.
  • We like working together, funny gifs, cheesy TV shows, the ocean, cats, comic books, video games, family time, hats, movies, Les Miserable,  good food and a million things in between.
  • It has been less than 2 days since our last screw up. We will screw up again soon, but we believe in failure and blameless culture.
  • We try (really hard) to work no more than 37 hours a week, encourage good healthy habits and make work a nice place to come to.
  • We are happy to accommodate part-time or altered working patterns if you have other important things in your life like a family or commitments.
  • We sell security services, teach people, develop security products for small, fast moving firms and present research at international conferences.

Does this sound like you?

So if you read all the way down here and think this could be you. We would love to talk to you. 

We especially welcome applicants that make us more diverse, whether that be gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, physical ability or any other factor I will have forgotten to list here.

We are using Talent Army to help with our search.

You can find the job listing and how to apply at

We aren’t in a hurry here.

So take your time.

We would rather have an empty seat than the wrong person in it.