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Introducing SafeStack’s free plan for cyber security training

SafeStack Free plan week 1 metrics

“To protect each one of us, we must protect all of us.”

The sentiment behind these words has always existed at SafeStack. We really do believe that when it comes to cyber security, we’re all in it together — and that with the right education and support, we can all play our part in staying safer online.

We’re connected to each other every day, and by keeping the smallest of us secure, we keep all of us secure. That’s why we’ve launched SafeStack’s free plan.

We’ve made essential Secure Development courses available on a plan that’s free forever. No tricks, no credit cards, no cost.

On our free plan, smaller and growing teams get up to 5 Secure Development seats — enough to train a small or micro business or make a comprehensive start in a larger organization. As a bonus, you’ll also get 25 seats for essential Security and Privacy Awareness courses.

Made for organizations that build software, the 5 seats for Secure Development training include courses and hands-on labs designed to help development teams mature their software product security, as well as verified digital credentials for every completed course and reporting to help with meeting compliance and audit requirements.

And for the wider team, the 25 seats for essential Security and Privacy Awareness courses give everyone a thorough grounding in these topics, whatever their role or prior level of experience may be. These courses are ideal for organizations aiming for SOC 2.

We’re aiming high with this plan, with an initial target of training 1,000 organizations, and an even bigger goal of training one million learners by 2025 🚀

Why we’re making cyber security training freely available

Our world is hyper-connected, and that includes our organizations. Whether we’re big or small, we buy from each other, we sell to each other, and we share data every day. That means that when one of our organizations is harmed, we’re all at risk.

Whatever size our organizations are and whatever industries we work in, we’ve got one thing in common — our teams are made up of people. We have all sorts of different backgrounds, different types of experience, and different levels of knowledge about staying safe online.

This makes education one of the most effective ways to strengthen our communities and economy against cyber threats. It helps us all build the confidence and peace of mind to innovate, grow, and go faster, safe in the knowledge we’re building security into our ways of working. And that’s why we’re making cyber security education free for everyone.

Our free plan is for all the organizations that can only dream of hiring dedicated staff to handle cyber security — and there are a lot of them.

Worldwide, 97 percent of organizations employ fewer than five people — that represents 700,000 organizations in Australia and 500,000 in New Zealand alone. 

For these organizations, giving your team a free and engaging way to learn the essentials is a smart way to unlock their cyber security superpowers and build a sustainable security culture — and we’re encouraged by the interest we’re seeing so far.

Week 1: the numbers

SafeStack Free plan week 1 metrics

Here’s what’s happened since we launched the free plan last week.

  • 73 organizations signed up
  • 387 learners
  • 226 courses completed
  • 18 countries served, with the top 5 countries being Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria.

We want to take you on this journey with us, so we’ll share these numbers each week. 

We’re certain there’ll be weeks where they’re higher or lower than we hope or expect, but we’re in this for the long haul, and we’re curious to see how it unfolds.

Want to know more?

Here are all the details of what you get with our free plan, plus some useful links.

Secure Development

Security and Privacy Awareness

  • Up to 25 seats 
  • Essential courses:
    • Introduction to Risk
    • Password Security
    • Incident Response for Everyone
    • Staying Secure in your Workplace
    • Sharing Data and Documents Securely
    • Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing
    • Avoiding Ransomware
    • Staying Safe on Social Media
    • Keeping your Devices Secure
    • Introduction to Privacy
  • Interactive activities and quizzes
  • Certificates for every completed course

Additional features

  • Email support
  • Individual and team reporting
  • Google Single Sign-On

If you need more than our free plan offers — say, if you have a larger team or more complex needs when it comes to meeting compliance requirements, or you want to get extra features like our Secure Development online community and seminars — we also offer paid Team and Enterprise plans.

Check out the details and a comparison of the available plans on our Pricing page.

Try it yourself

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