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Introducing SafeStack’s Student Sponsorship program for secure development

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There’s a well-accepted truth in application security: the earlier in the software development process you consider cyber security, the more influence you can have on addressing any issues found. I believe the same to be true for when we give our engineering teams access to secure development education.

The earlier in their software development journey people learn about security, the more chances they have to apply those skills and improve the security of the software they build. 

This is the foundation of our Student Sponsorship program.

Security is part of software quality

While the tertiary education system is starting to embrace cyber security as a subject and has developed a range of qualifications and pathways in this space, these subjects remain focused on people pursuing a career in cyber security.

For those who are interested in a career in software development, there are few opportunities to learn secure development throughout their studies, and often, engineers have to wait until much later in their careers to build these skills.

At SafeStack, we believe security is part of software quality and that it’s an essential skill that all engineers should have from day one — just as they should understand usability, accessibility, scaling, and performance.

So we’re doing something about it.

About SafeStack’s Student Sponsorship program

We’ve partnered with a selection of world-class organizations to provide a year’s free access to our Secure Development program to final-year and graduating students aiming for a career in software development.

No tricks, no catches.

Eligible students can access and complete our entire catalog of courses and hands-on labs, earn qualifications to share with potential employers, and join our community to engage with development teams from around the world — all at no cost to them.

First Australia and New Zealand, then the world

Programs this size take a lot of resources and time to do properly, so for the first year, we’re focusing on Australia and New Zealand.

With an estimated 4,000 graduating students that meet the eligibility criteria each year in these two countries, this is a big mission — and one that we’re committed to.

With the support of our first-year sponsors Visa, Xero, Imagr, and Galah Cyber, and the help of Summer of Tech, we’re going to do something bold and train an entire generation of software development teams.

Calling all final-year students and new graduates

If you’re a final-year student or have graduated from a recognized university or tertiary education institution in Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for the SafeStack Student Sponsorship program now.

Want to help us do more?

With an estimated 1.2 million new software developers entering the workforce each year, there’s a lot to do and we need your help.

In time and with support from within the industry, we’d like to expand this program to include students and graduates worldwide.

If your organization would like to get involved, complete the sponsors and partners form and we’ll be in touch.

The more support we have, the more students we can train. Imagine the impact that your investment could make in the next five years.