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Moving your small business online

We here at SafeStack love our small business friends. We are strong believers in security for everyone, and we think that can be achievable with a few, free actions. Heck – as a small business ourselves, we love free!

Well if you like free security help, have we got the deal for you!


Our friends over at CERT NZ just kicked off a campaign with a focus on those small businesses who are in the midst of moving online.

For those of you new to the acronym: A CERT is a Computer Emergency Response Team. In New Zealand we are lucky in that CERT NZ provide security incident help to every Kiwi. Even if you aren’t in New Zealand, they produce some great, easy to read guides and explanations that apply to everyone around the world.

Whilst the world grapples with COVID-19, many small businesses have had to adapt and move their operations online.  With curb-side pickups, online shopping/ordering/delivering, virtual meetings and appointments – almost every operational procedure now has some form of digital or online component.

If you, or a small business you’ve adopted, are currently trying to navigate this tricky landscape – CERT NZ have just the map for you! This map includes:

  1. Using HTTPS (such as let’s encrypt) on your business’ website and setting it to auto-renew,
  2. Automatically updating the software and plugins that support your business’ website,
  3. Transferring all the payment data risks and going with a PCI-DSS compliant payment provider, and
  4. Automatically setting your domain name to renew.

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So when you are trying to do security when small for an online business, take a read through the guides provided by CERT NZ here: