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SafeStack South Island – Open for business

One of the great things about running a remote-first company is our ability to find amazing people to work with, wherever they happen to live. After-all, our mission is to bring security to everyone and those people aren’t just in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.

SafeStack South Island is now open for business!

Today we are welcoming the amazing Toni James to the SafeStack Advisory team. Toni joins our growing advisory practice and will be helping us being security practices to smaller and growing organisations both across Christchurch but also the greater South (Best) Island of New Zealand.  

Introducing Toni James

IMG-1740Toni James is an accomplished security consultant, software engineer, conference organiser, committee member and speaker.  With a passion for increasing the representation of women and minorities in the tech industry, she focuses on encouraging young women and career changers to join her in challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers.

Her professional skills include extensive customer service and management experience, technical knowledge of creating accessible and secure web applications for the healthcare industry, and penetration testing a wide variety of web applications, platforms, and organisational networks.

In short, she is a kick ass addition to our little team and will bring more of the application security practices we are known for, with a healthy dose of pragmatism and empathy thrown in.

Outside of work, Toni is an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and hiker enjoying her life with her family and dogs in the Korowai mountains in the South Island of New Zealand. When she’s not outside, you can find her participating in CTFs (Capture the Flag competitions), writing her next conference talk, or enjoying a chat in the Hacker Book Club on Goodreads.

Are you a growing South Island company?

We’d love to meet you. Whether you are building the next big thing in software or just doing amazing things from your South Island base, Toni and the team here at SafeStack would love to talk to you. 

We’re also keen to speak at local events, so if you are looking for a great speaker or two, let us know. We are a strong and growing team with some great stories to share.