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SafeStack welcomes Erica Anderson as Wellington lead

It’s been a long while since we wrote here.

Beautiful, organic growth makes us happy

In some cases (as Kiwi startup guru Rowan Simpson likes to remind us) silence means that things are not entirely happy on the home front. Silence can be a potent cry for help.

In this case however silence has been about focus and setting direction.

SafeStack is now almost 5 years old and we’ve been through a lot. Since closing down Dfend in 2018 we have been on a journey of remembering our roots, of healthy practices and of sustainable growth.

It’s that growth that brings with it great news today.

Introducing Erica Anderson (@sputina)

I’d like to introduce the newest member of the SafeStack family, our fearless space cadet for the Wellington region and leader of the southern crew – Erica Anderson.

With experience ranging from high growth startups such as Xero and large government organisations plus time with both the New Zealand CERT and Ernst Young. Erica has packed a lot into her career so far. Her empathetic and pragmatic approach winning her fans across Wellington.

In addition to her professional activities, Erica is a lecturer for Tech Futures Lab and runs initiatives such as CodeClub in her home town. When she has a few free moments she is also on the organising commitee for Kiwicon and is leading the organisation of this years Kawaiicon….

(She was also given the Rising star award at ISANZ in 2017 but I promised I wouldn’t mention that).

I’m exhausted just typing all of this.

Outside of work, Erica loves all things gaming and space related … she really is pretty damned awesome.

Securing Wellington and beyond the SafeStack way

Erica and the team will help expand the SafeStack approach to security in fast moving and growing environments across the region.

In addition, she will lead our efforts to provide more services and options to smaller organisations as we truly embrace our mission of making security available to all.

Tell us about your adventures

I hope you’ll join me in wishing Erica luck for her new adventures here at SafeStack. If you’d like to catch up with any member of our team to discuss how we can help you (where-ever you are in New Zealand), drop us a line to , we’d love to chat.