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Security Talks We Love – 2019

There are a lot of security talks out in the world – too many for any one person to watch! Having attended a lot of talks ourselves, we’ve discovered that not all talks are made equal. Some have entertained us, some have blown our minds, and some have changed how we think about the world.

As the decade winds up we thought we should share some of our all-time favourites with you.


YouTube Playlist: SafeStack Security Talks We Love (2019)



In this playlist you’ll find:

  • Wild stories from the field,
  • ATMs jackpotting cash on stage,
  • Using the sound of baby tears for evil (almost),
  • Talks that changed our understanding of how to convince people, 
  • How a security team can work within an organisation
  • …Even ideas on the nature of security itself.

Think we missed something?

We are hoping to make this a bit of an annual tradition. If you’ve seen an amazing talk you’d like to share with us, in the past or the year to come, we’d love to hear from you!

Drop us an email to and tell us about the inspiring talks you recommend.