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Introducing Spotted: SafeStack Academy’s simulated phishing service

We’re happy to add a new service to the SafeStack Academy family — one that helps you and your team learn how to spot suspicious emails.

This week we launched Spotted, a simulated phishing service that comes as an optional add-on to our Security Awareness programme of bite-sized, actionable guidance for making your business safe and secure online.

What’s simulated phishing?

Even if you haven’t been phished before (lucky!), you’ve probably heard of phishing. It’s when someone sends you scam emails disguised as legitimate emails, with the aim of tricking you into sharing sensitive data or paying money.

Simulated phishing services like Spotted send out emails that look like actual phishing emails, but they’re set up in a safe environment where there’s no risk if you do what the email asks you to do. They’re like a big, cosy safety net to look after you while you hone your phish-spotting skills.

In the case of Spotted — and depending on what you click — you may even get to meet Sam the friendly spotted salamander.

How Spotted helps

We made Spotted to help our SafeStack Academy learners get better at spotting suspicious emails and build the all-important habit of reporting them. It also gives people the chance to practice what they learn in their Security Awareness training, where there’s a dedicated module about Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing.

After each monthly simulated phishing campaign, team leaders get a high-level report that shows how the team is doing as a whole, while keeping the experience safe and supportive by not identifying individuals.

Try it for yourself

Sign up for Security Awareness + Spotted today, or try the Phishing, Vishing, and Smishing module by doing a free 14 day trial.

We’d love to have you join us and start learning!