SafeStack Community

SafeStack community is a safe place to collaborate with other development teams from around the world. Intentionally built and carefully moderated, we make it safe to share application security best practices and ask for help.

We've created this community as an intentionally safe space where our learners can connect with other software development teams around the world and share experiences and approaches. Only when we work together can we improve the security of our software ecosystem.
Connect with peers and experts to share application security best practices

Connect with experts and peer mentors

Whatever software system you are securing, you don’t have to do it alone. SafeStack community makes it easy and safe to connect with peers and experts, when you need them.

Ask questions and share lessons learned

SafeStack community is intentionally built to allow questions to be asked and answered safely. Benefit from the experience of others without sharing confidential information.

Maintain momentum and discover new approaches

Building in application security best practices can be overwhelming, connecting with peers on similar journeys provides inspiration and accountability when you need it

Keep up to date with news, events and application security best practices

Technology moves fast and few of us have the time to really follow along closely. SafeStack community makes its easy to keep up to date.

Relevant news and events

The SafeStack team curates application security best practices and secure development news sources and shares relevant articles and upcoming events.

New threats and approaches

Things change quickly, so the SafeStack team continuously search for new approaches and resources and share them in the SafeStack Community and as part of our seminars.


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