Zero Trust in Application Security


While application security is always evolving, right now we’re going through a large paradigm shift that will define the next generation of secure software development and architecture.

We’re moving away from centrally managed applications and trusted zones towards a cloud-centric technology environment and we need to approach security differently.

Zero Trust is a principled approach that can help application development teams decide on the right security architecture for their solutions and organizations. Zero Trust approaches are being mandated by governments and clients across the globe.



Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of Zero Trust architecture
  • Understand what Zero Trust maturity looks like
  • Dive into how Zero Trust can be implemented within application development


Module 1: Introduction to Zero Trust

  • What Zero trust is and why it is important now
  • The Zero Trust maturity model and how to scale your Zero Trust maturity

Module 2: Embedding Zero Trust

  • The basic tenets of Zero Trust
  • Assessing your Zero Trust maturity
  • How to take your first steps towards Zero Trust architecture

Module 3:  Zero Trust for Developers

  • The five pillars of Zero Trust and what they are
  • How to apply the five pillars to your application development

Module 4: Zero Trust Course Summary

  • Wraps up the course with an overarching summary