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Why Assignar sees cyber security training as an important investment in their team

It might seem challenging to measure return on investment (ROI) in secure development and cyber security training programs for teams — but not for Assignar.

As a people-focused organization, they emphasize their team’s career goals as well as meeting compliance as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Since introducing SafeStack’s training programs, they’ve achieved those goals and compliance objectives faster and more effortlessly while building a strong cyber security culture in their organization. 

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“SafeStack provided us with a training program blueprint that we were able to adapt and roll out across the team very quickly. Most importantly, it hasn’t distracted us from our daily routines. The content is fun, educational, and we get to do it in our spare time.”

Marko Tomic
CTO, Assignar

Assignar is a cloud-based operations platform for construction contractors. They focus on helping the construction industry improve efficiency and increase safety, resulting in higher profitability, better workplaces, and increased team wellbeing.

There are 120 people on Assignar’s team working across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. The entire technology team uses various training programs, including SafeStack’s Secure Development and Security and Privacy Awareness programs.

From a challenge to the right solution

Creating a secure development training pathway was something that Assignar tried to develop internally. However, they found it time-consuming and challenging to implement in their daily workflows. 
SafeStack was first recommended to Assignar by one of their colleagues. They were impressed by the demo of our programs and decided to get started.
Assignar was looking for a solution with learning pathways, hands-on labs and assessments, and a community that allows them to collaborate with other like-minded organizations. At SafeStack, we provide all the features Assignar was looking for, while also believing that people are stronger when we work together. We often collaborate with other organizations and disciplines, and working with Assignar has been an absolute pleasure.

We also look at the team behind the product that is able to support us. The SafeStack team has been nothing short of amazing. We love working with them.

Marko Tomic, CTO

Initial feedback from the team 

When introducing SafeStack’s programs, the initial feedback from the team was around content being really fun to watch and easy to digest. Using the courses as a training blueprint, Assignar rolled the programs out across their team very quickly. Marko also mentioned that the training programs haven’t slowed down the team’s productivity, which he sees as a great benefit. 
Assignar has set some learning and development goals for the team. While some are people’s career goals, others are related to company compliance objectives. With SafeStack, they can achieve both relatively quickly.

SafeStack helped us simplify the process of driving ongoing security awareness across our technology group. Having all the content and reporting in a consolidated and easy-to-use platform made light work of achieving a very important security compliance control that’s part of our SOC 2 certification requirements.

Dale Austin, Director of Infrastructure

Short and relevant content that matters

The team at Assignar was looking for a secure development training program with content that’s easy to digest while also being technical enough for the development team to find it interesting. Marko mentions that SafeStack’s programs have a perfect balance in this way. 
They mostly enjoy learning pathways and concise videos, which are under 20 minutes — an ideal length to keep the team focused on learning. Another feature of SafeStack’s online learning platform that Assignar’s staff really enjoy is progress reports, where they can see how they’re tracking towards achieving their educational goals.

SafeStack’s cyber security training has fun, bite-sized chunks of content delivered with meaningful context. The format enables us to retain information, which ultimately helps us make safer decisions for our organization and our customers.

Craig Gray, Staff DevOps Engineer

Cyber security training with a positive ROI

Although it can be challenging to measure ROI on cyber security training programs in organizations, Assignar looks at this as a way to invest in their team. They see no longer needing to develop training in-house as a positive result and a significant benefit of using SafeStack.
Within the first month of implementing SafeStack’s online cyber security training, Assignar had an impressive 85% completion rate across their organization. They’re now aiming to bring that up to 100%.
As an organization that takes cyber security and people development very seriously, Assignar also plans to keep attending our Secure Development webinars, seeing them as valuable information and education sources.

The world has changed a lot over the past two years. Since the emergence of distributed working arrangements, the need for cyber security awareness and practices has increased dramatically. SafeStack couldn’t have come to us at a better time.

Marko Tomic, CTO

We’re excited to support Assignar as they deliver secure cloud-based solutions to the construction industry, all while creating a robust cyber security culture in their organisation.

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