How cyber security training helps Onwardly build trust with their customers

Onwardly is an award-winning startup in the cyber security space. Their small team prioritizes security in their business and builds strong, long-term relationships with their customers.

For Onwardly, SafeStack’s training programs are an important ongoing investment, helping them protect their team and build a consistently high-quality product.

Photo of Phil Howie from Onwardly

“We emphasize the importance of ongoing investment in cyber security training for our customers, so it’s important for us to have this in place, too. SafeStack provides an affordable solution that’s easy to introduce to new team members as Onwardly continues to grow.”

Phil Howie
Founder and CEO, Onwardly

Onwardly is an award-winning Software-as-a-Service product that helps small and medium-sized businesses establish and operate their cyber security programs.

Like most businesses, Onwardly has people and data they need to protect. As a small startup team, they have four people who currently use SafeStack’s programs. Everyone on the team uses Security and Privacy Awareness training, while their software engineer also uses our Secure Development training.

For Onwardly, cyber security training is a big part of ensuring they’re well-defended as a company and can walk the talk of running a business securely.

Building trust with customers

One of the main reasons Onwardly introduced SafeStack’s programs to their team was to protect them against cyber attacks. They also wanted to take on the advice they give their customers about building a solid foundation of good cyber security practices.

Though not all of the Onwardly team come from cyber security backgrounds, they all need to have a working understanding of it. For example, for the sales team who deal with customers on the front line and receive lots of emails, it’s particularly important that they’re well-trained in cyber security awareness, phishing, and customer identification.

For their engineer, making sure Onwardly’s platform is coded to the highest standards is a top priority. As a company advising others on cyber security, Onwardly prides itself on delivering a high-quality, secure product their customers can trust.

SafeStack has great course content delivered in manageable chunks. It explains serious and complex security concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, making it accessible to everyone, not just budding security professionals.

Hans Lie, Business Development Manager

A perfect solution for the whole team

For Onwardly, high-quality content was one of the main factors in choosing a cyber security training program. Having already known Laura Bell Main — SafeStack’s co-founder and CEO — as a cyber security industry expert, Onwardly chose our programs without hesitation.

Their team finds SafeStack’s self-paced online learning convenient — whether they’re working remotely or in a fast-paced environment day-to-day, staff can easily spare 10 to 15 minutes to log into SafeStack’s education platform and do a course.

Phil also mentions that all the programs have relevant, frequently updated content, whether that’s security awareness, privacy awareness, or secure development — another key reason they find SafeStack’s training so useful.

As someone who started the courses with only very basic cyber security knowledge, SafeStack exceeded my expectations in many regards. The course content was thorough and informative — while still being easy for anyone to understand — and it’s delivered in a very non-threatening way. I was able to quickly learn about key aspects of security that help me to better understand my customers and their needs.

Jess Cave, Business Development Manager

We love hearing that SafeStack’s content helps people understand cyber security no matter their role, background, or level of experience.

Onwardly is growing fast and we look forward to being part of their journey as they help businesses run effective cyber security programs.

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