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Security for Unicorn Farmers

17 MARCH 2022

As investors, shareholders, and board members, we all want the best for our portfolio companies. While our primary focus is often product-market fit and growth, there are a number of other risks we help our future unicorns navigate as part of our role.

Join us for this free masterclass where SafeStack founder and CEO Laura Bell shares her playbook for Minimum Viable Security — an approach that can help you and your companies use cyber security as a tool to increase resilience and enable growth.

Microservices and Security

26 AUGUST 2021

Microservices are growing in popularity and not showing any signs of slowing down — so there’s no better time than now to learn about designing and building security into them from the start.

SafeStack founder and CEO Laura Bell and COO Erica Anderson host our friend and microservices expert Sam Newman for this chat about all things microservices and security.

Building a Secure Development Culture at Speed

4 MAY 2021

Knowing the value of secure development isn’t always enough to stop it dropping off the priority list — especially in fast-paced environments that are growing and changing all the time.

SafeStack founder and CEO Laura Bell hosts this panel discussion about overcoming common challenges in building a secure development culture at speed, including plenty of real-life examples.

Security and Software Testing: Better Together

29 MARCH 2021

Security and software testing can achieve great things with their powers combined — so why don’t we bring them together more often? 

SafeStack founder and CEO Laura Bell hosts this panel discussion about why combining security and software testing matters, what makes it hard, and why we should do it anyway.