Scalable security education

On-demand security education, providing flexible and affordable training solutions to organisations big and small.

Scale your security education with SafeStack

Providing security education to your workforce can be challenging. Finding a solution that is flexible and affordable while working for distributed or large workforces can be tricky.

While we all know that classroom-based training is the best way to learn, we know this isn't always possible. SafeStack have developed a range of eLearning modules, hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) to bring security training to all organisations in a scalable way.

  • Short, focused and effective training

    Nobody has time to spend on long, boring training. Our modules are 3-5 minutes long and focus on the real risks that organisations face.

  • Protecting your organisation takes a team

    Including your entire workforce in security increases your ability to detect and respond to issues.

  • No longer optional

    With many global compliance schemes mandating security education for all roles in your organisation, education is essential to risk management.

  • Let us take care of things

    By choosing to use the SafeStack Learning Management System(LMS) we can create and manage a training portal for your company.

Click to view a snippet from our module on password security.

Our Module Catalogue

Our introductory package includes the six modules you need to kick start your security awareness and training programme.

  • Understanding Risk

    The basics of risk and why we need to care about security.

  • Passwords

    Simple practices for keeping your accounts safe.


    Protecting and handling credit card information safely.

  • Privacy

    Understand the challenges of storing personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Social Engineering & Phishing

    Keep yourself safe from attacks against people and trust.

  • Threat Actors & Attack Motivation

    Understand the types of people and groups that would do your organisation harm.

Dfend has taken a significant workload off our IT team.
Fantastic, well executed tool.

Matt Archer, CIO, Pushpay

We love working with SafeStack.
They have been excellent to deal with and are very open to feedback, which is key.

Jason Danner, Aerorock

Feedback once again has been great, following SafeStack's recent course.
One attendee now wants to join my [security] team!

Mark Shaw, ASB

This is a really good course for learning basic security procedures
and how to mitigate and protect my organisation in case a major security breach happens.

Peter Fowler, Enable
Solutions that suit your organisation size and maturity

Whether you are a small but fast moving company with a remote workforce or a large organisation with thousands of employees, we all need education. We have flexible options to suit your stage, budget and style.

  • For small companies

    Get started straight away

    Grow your training with your company

    Perfect for remote or distributed teams

    Flexible and budget friendly

    Simple, no commitment sign up

    Pay by credit card

  • For larger companies

    Private branded learning portals

    Compliance reporting and certificates

    Content customisation available

    Full security education programme assistance available

    Low cost per person (paid annually)

    Single sign on available

Why people love SafeStack eLearning?

Our ondemand training is loved by a wide range of companies and here's why.

  • Globally recognised trainers

    Our trainers are international conference speakers and published authors in their fields.

  • Budget friendly, flexible and scalable

    Low annual cost per person and simple billing to make getting started simple.

  • Single Sign On

    Integrates with Active Directory and corporate identity and access management systems

  • Diverse and Inclusive

    SafeStack cares about diversity and ensure all training materials are inclusive.

  • Lessons that stick

    Engaging content that gets students thinking and changing behaviours.

  • Compliance and reporting

    We can provide attendance reports and records for managing your training related compliance requirements.