When it comes to application security, we’re all in it together. Start your security education journey today, with free access to essential application security training for up to 50 people.​

No cost, no tricks, forever

Application security is for everyone who builds software, whether your team is big, small, or somewhere in between. 

That’s why we’re inviting any organization that wants  to get started with application security to enjoy our free application security training courses, free of charge.

Includes essential courses and labs for your whole software team

Including lessons and labs covering the OWASP Top 10 and how to understand software security risk.

Train up to 50 people, free of charge

That means most smaller organizations can provide their entire team with essential secure development training.

Who is this suitable for?

Non-Profits & NGO

Despite their limited resources, our non-profit community handle a wealth of sensitive information. Empowering them with security training ensures that their mission remains undeterred by potential digital threats. It’s about safeguarding their vision and the data they steward.

Startups & Small Businesses

The early stages of a business are both exciting and challenging. While innovation is at the forefront, budgets can be tight. By offering these businesses access to free application security training, we help them build on a foundation that’s not just innovative, but also secure.

Open Source Projects

These projects often rely on volunteer contributors and may not have the budget for formal training. Yet, they play crucial roles in many software ecosystems and their security can be paramount.


Local Government Entities

Especially in those smaller towns or developing regions, where every penny counts. The data they manage is uber-sensitive, and we all know how messy breaches can get. A sprinkle of free application security training wisdom? It’s like gifting them a digital shield against the baddies.

Free Application Security Training Courses include:

Featuring lessons and modules aligned with major compliance schemes such as PCI DSS and application security guidelines such as OWASP Top 10.

Try out SafeStack with your team

All plans start with a  free 14-day trial of our secure development courses and features.  

At the end of your free trial, your free application security training access will automatically activate.


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For profit, with purpose

At SafeStack, we believe everyone and every organization has the right to be safe and secure online.

We believe that to make this happen; we must provide all organizations with the skills and resources they need to achieve this in a way that works for their environment.

By combining our global business with this conscious support of our broader ecosystem, SafeStack is committed to ensuring that we all improve our cyber security maturity together.