Whether you are following your passions or looking for a way to further your career, SafeStack provides affordable application security training for developers and the entire software team.

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Start your secure development journey

Whether you work for a smaller organization, are interested in your own professional development or just curious about application security. The SafeStack Pro plan is an affordable way to learn new skills and connect with your community.

Industry certifications at an affordable price

At SafeStack we believe that embracing application security training shouldn’t cost the earth. Our Pro plan is intentionally priced to be affordable.

Ongoing program to keep you up to date

More than just a one off course, SafeStack Pro plan is a program that will give you a strong foundation and keep you up to date with emerging threats and secure development best practices.

Why choose SafeStack's Pro plan?

For your career goals

Knowledge is power, right? Putting yourself first by investing in your education and professional development is a smart way to get ahead. 

The SafeStack Pro Plan is here to help you take that step toward a better career. 

For your new job

We totally get it! In a challenging job market, we all want to make sure we get noticed.

More companies are looking for software engineers who understand and apply essential security skills and behaviors as they go.

For your current job

If your team isn’t quite ready to get started with secure development yet, don’t let that hold you back.

The SafeStack Pro plan can give you application security training for developers and  start that change and bring application security practices to your current role.

Trusted by over 1500 organizations worldwide

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What's included in your subscription?

Course Library

Access to the entire SafeStack Secure Development course library featuring over 200 modules

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Monthly Seminars

Dive deep into new approaches and emerging threats with our expert-led seminar events.

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Collaborate and share with other software development teams world wide in SafeStack Community.

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Try out SafeStack today

Sign up for a 14-day trial of our application security training for developers . No credit card required.