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Building secure software is about more than just secure coding, it takes every member of the software team to do it well. At SafeStack we make it easy to create application security training programs for every role in your team.

application security training paths for every role including testers, developers, ux, analysts, devsecops, prouct and architects

Tailored application security training for your team

Whether it’s the excitement of wanting to learn everything all at once, or not being sure what your organization’s training priorities are, it’s easy to feel stuck.

Deliver the right training, to the right people and at the right time.

Every team has different needs, priorities, and goals, and your application security training needs to have the flexibility to support this, so you can focus on learning exactly what you need to know.

Make learner management easy

Whether you’re juggling the needs of different teams in your organization, staring down a compliance deadline, or wanting to support your team to focus on what’s important right now, Learning Paths are here to help.

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Use cases for learning paths

Meeting compliance goals

Using our pre-built learning paths for popular compliance frameworks such as ISO27001 and SOC2. or build your own for complete control.

Managing large teams

Learning Paths can be a great tool to manage larger teams and split the work load between your leaders.

Embracing diverse experience levels

Those of us at the start of our careers need different support to those of us who have more experience.

Increasing engagement

Make it easy for learners to get started and take away any confusion. Learning Paths increase focus, reduce friction and increase engagement.

Onboarding team members

Give your newest team members a security mindset from day one by creating Learning Paths specifically for when someone joins your team.

Supporting specific roles

Include everyone from your software team by creating specific Learning Paths for popular roles such as Testers, Architects, Analysts and Product Owners.

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