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What our customers say about
SafeStack’s Secure Development training

“Providing high-quality security training to our product teams is a cornerstone of our overall plan for creating a more secure product and software delivery lifecycle, and SafeStack meets our needs perfectly.”

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Camille Marsigny

Information Security Lead

“SafeStack keeps developers engaged, providing them with information in easy-to-digest blocks without taking too much time in a very busy environment.”

Oleg Zavivaev

Oleg Zavivaev

IT Operations and Security Manager,

“Using SafeStack makes rolling out cyber security training so much easier. We know we’re getting high quality content that’s relevant to what our team needs to know.”

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Marina Levi

Cyber Security Engineer

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What is secure development and why is it important?

  • Secure development is an approach that weaves security throughout the software development lifecycle — from idea all the way through to maintenance
  • Instead of only focusing on developers writing secure code, secure development involves your entire team, including testers, analysts, and architects
  • Secure development builds a shared understanding and responsibility for security in your team, creating a more sustainable and cost-effective approach as everyone collaborates on security early and often

About SafeStack

SafeStack is a community-centric online training platform that takes a flexible, people-focused approach to ongoing cyber security education for software development teams.

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