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Security is most effective when we build it into the software development lifecycle early — and the earlier developers learn how to do this, the more secure our software gets.

We want to train every final-year student and new graduate in New Zealand and Australia who’s aiming for a career in software development.

Is this an audacious idea? Yes. Is it necessary? Also yes.

By investing in our next generation of software developers now, we’re investing in the future of secure development, cultivating a pipeline of security-minded developers from day one of their careers.

What the SafeStack sponsorship program includes

Thousands of new software developers graduate in New Zealand and Australia each year, and we want to help every single one of them learn how to build secure software.

We’re offering a year of fully sponsored access to our Secure Development program because we believe software security is a shared responsibility, and the more people who understand it, the better off we all are.

One year of full, sponsored access to our Secure Development program, including:

  • Courses and hands-on labs
  • SafeStack’s online community and monthly seminars
  • Credentials you can share with current and future employers
  • Opportunities to make valuable industry contacts

We can’t do this on our own though. 

We owe a massive thank you to industry leaders such as Visa, Summer of Tech, Xero, Imagr, and Galah Cyber whose financial and operational support,  make this program a reality. Their commitment to creating an entire generation of secure developers is what makes this possible.

In the year 2022-2023, we’ve had 226 applicants and 185 students qualified and accepted, of which more than half (56%) were female. In total, 1018 lessons were completed, and a grand total of 162 qualifications issued. That’s over 1000 hours of learning voluntarily undertaken by students. 

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Help us train more students worldwide

Imagine a world where every new software developer from Boston to Bangalore, from London to Lithuania has cyber security education at the start of their career.

We believe this is possible, and we’re looking for like-minded organizations to help us make it a reality. 

Want to join us? Sponsors help us provide SafeStack training to students and graduates by contributing to the cost of providing it.

If your organization wants to make sure it has a pipeline of security minded graduate software developers – supporting the SafeStack sponsored student program could be an amazing way to do that.

You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to the mission, share job advertisements with our student community, and run complementary events of your own.

If you’d to receive an information pack or talk to one of our team, please get in touch.


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