Important Information : SafeStack Health, Travel and Safety


“I wouldn’t normally publish something like this here. I would certainly never want SafeStack to be perceived as marketing off the back of serious incidents however the world is a strange place right now and I need to get this message wide and make it easy to find.

Cross posting this here as we want to reach as many of our customers, partners and friends as possible without spamming a massive mailing list. Nobody needs more email spam right now.

We are a tiny company. We have big hearts and big missions but we need to stay safe. Hopefully this will explain how we are doing so, whilst we continue with our security mission.

Stay safe out there. Kia Kaha.”

— Laura Bell, Founder, SafeStack

Important Information

SafeStack Health, Travel and Safety

We are a remote-working company and will carry on where we can

SafeStack is a distributed team around New Zealand and Australia. We mostly work from home or from cabins in gardens. As much as possible we will be continuing as normal with any remote delivery advisory services and support for our online learning – SafeStack Academy.

This said, we do offer in person services and as such we wanted to share the following:

We are taking a cautious approach to our in person services. We re assessing our operations daily to ensure we are taking actions to protect our people.

We may ask you to let us work remotely

We may contact you to arrange remote delivery of some advisory services where there is a risk to either our team or yours. We have a lot of experience in working remotely and this will not affect the quality of our work.

We will try to carry on with training courses but are going to be flexible, remote friendly and pragmatic

In-classroom training services will continue as normal for as long as we are able to do so. If local conditions change, we will work with your team to reschedule or investigate remote delivery where appropriate.

We love you, but we might not come to visit if we don’t need to

We will favor calls and video chat for meetings where possible – we will also be cancelling all non-essential travel.  

We will not work when we, or those close to us are sick

We will not attend a customer site if the SafeStack team member is sick or has a loved one that is sick. We had existing policy around this and have extended it to include immediate family and to provide a 14 day isolation/stand down period.

Please treat us like one of your team – keep us informed

We ask that all clients and partners keep us informed of their internal situation. If you move to remote working, have internal concerns about staff health or are facing other challenges that will affect our ability to work with you safely, please let us know as soon as possible.  

It’s OK to feel vulnerable, but we are stronger together

We really appreciate your business and friendship over the past 5 years. Events like this are scary for all organisations, big and small and I know we are all watching and waiting to see what will happen on a number of fronts. 

We hope we can find a way to support you and your teams throughout these challenging times and hopefully for many years to come.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly at


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