Introducing SafeStack Development Academy

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of SafeStack Development Academy — online secure development training from SafeStack.

Security is more important than ever

The more chaos there is in the world, the more there will be people who choose to benefit from it. In every downturn, there is always an increase in crime. Sadly, it’s human nature. There will always be people who see the challenges we face as an opportunity to profit.

Application security is no different, and despite the challenges we all face with our day to day operations, there is no shortage of security incidents and attempted attacks against our applications and businesses.

Secure development practices are now essential skills

If we are to meet these challenges and protect what matters most to our organisations, we have to build as much capacity for application security as we can — and this starts with our development teams. The people best equipped to identify and address our potential vulnerabilities are those who know our systems best. This means we need to equip all developers, testers and architects with the skills they need.

Flexible, affordable secure development training for everyone

Whether you are a single engineer or leading teams of hundreds, SafeStack Development Academy provides high quality online secure development training to turn your entire team into security champions.

Our members have access to a continuous programme of education available whenever and wherever they need it, including:

  • A growing range of role-specific courses on a range of key application security topics
  • Access to hands-on labs to explore concepts
  • Monthly seminars to go deep on application security subjects, share approaches, and meet others in the community .

With no minimum seat requirements, we have options to suit every team size and budget — so you can get started right away whether your organisation is big or small.

Bring secure development practices to your teams

The best time to start your application security training is today.

Talk to our team about how SafeStack Development Academy can help your business protect its people, systems, and data. You can register for your free trial or personalised demo today.

Finally, a massive thank you

I would like to send my thanks to the incredible SafeStack team, without whom today’s launch would not have been possible, and to our great family of customers, friends, and partners who continue to support, trust and recommend SafeStack around the world.


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