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We believe in cyber security for everyone, and a big part of reaching more organisations is working together with our partners. Over the last few months, we’ve formed partnerships with a bunch of great organisations across New Zealand and Australia, and we’re delighted to introduce them to you.

Even with the most up to date security protections in place, your best line of defence is your team — and we want to help as many teams as possible grow their cyber security superpowers. We’re living in a critical time for security education, which we see illustrated by increased incidents worldwide. This need for education is particularly true for software development teams as their industry grows exponentially.

With that in mind, SafeStack Academy is on a mission to build security skills and culture across entire development teams. We do this by offering affordable, high quality, and people-focused online education through our Secure Development programme. Instead of focusing on specific programming languages or technologies, we teach secure design and architectural practices that integrate earlier into the software development lifecycle, securing a broader range of teams and technical environments.

We also offer short, engaging, and action-oriented courses through our Security and Privacy Awareness programmes, so everyone on your team can grow their skills and knowledge on these topics, whatever their background or experience level.

As cyber security continues to be an essential topic, we’re looking forward to bringing our online training programmes to teams around the world. We’re seeking new partners in Europe and the US, so please get in touch to learn more about becoming a partner.

Without further ado, we’d love you to meet these neat businesses we’re working with.


Melbourne-based company Cynch have a clear mission: help small business leaders avoid the worst day of their careers due to a cyber security incident. They partner with small teams and growing startups to continuously identify their cyber risks and provide everything these businesses need to build their cyber fitness. In less than five minutes at a time and always at an affordable price, Cynch helps companies strengthen their cyber security with practices, behaviours, and technical solutions that matter.


Blueside’s team of cyber security engineers are dedicated to helping secure organisations against cyber attacks. They do this by assessing risk, building strategies, and executing cyber security plans to strengthen organisations’ cyber security defences. Blueside offers a range of services, including governance, risk management and compliance, security operations, and security solutions. 


Founded in 2008, New Zealand based Intellium provides IT support and internet connectivity to their customers, including several names you’ll recognise, like Paper Plus, Harcourts, and Mitre 10 Mega. By supporting organisations with a range of services across multiple industries and types of technology, Intellium’s comprehensive handling of IT needs helps teams stay focused on growing their businesses.


Chillisoft specialises in distributing thoughtfully selected cyber security solutions across New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. Chillisoft’s products can be used as independent solutions or combined with complementary elements for more complex cyber security concerns. The team at Chillisoft backs up their dedication to quality with responsible sales and support and outstanding technical expertise.


Astero’s expert team offers practical solutions that help their customers build cyber security resilience, including identifying critical assets, threat environment, and key risks. Through their various services, Astero also helps organisations get ready for Open Banking with industry-leading templates and advice for meeting Consumer Data Right (CDR) Rules and accreditation requirements.


Since 1984, Advantage has been providing IT products and solutions to a range of businesses throughout New Zealand. Their team sees their clients as partners and believes in tailoring solutions that suit organisations perfectly — no “one size fits all” thinking here! By bringing enterprise-level products and solutions to New Zealand’s small to medium businesses, Advantage helps companies build stable platforms that keep them safer and more secure.


The team at CyberMetrix use their experience across a wide range of specialist subjects including digital transformation, cyber risk management, cyber security, and privacy to help their customers build cyber resilient supply chains, understand cyber risk, and build their confidence in staying secure online. They work with consultants, professional associations, and small to medium businesses alike, all with the goal of helping them improve their cyber resilience.

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