Meet our new sibling: SafeAdvisory

As SafeStack Academy continues to grow, we’re excited to announce the launch of our sibling company: SafeAdvisory. This will be the new home of all our advisory and consultancy services.

The icing on the cake is that Dean Carter, SafeStack’s former Head of Advisory Services, is the new Managing Director of SafeAdvisory.

Some of you may remember that Dean originally left SafeStack to follow his heart, moving to Australia to be with his love.

Time flies, as did Dean, but after spending several years travelling to many lands as a Security Nomad, Dean has returned to New Zealand and we’re thrilled to have him back in the fold.

So what does it all mean? Business as usual, but better.

Different name, same experience

If you’re a SafeStack Academy customer or learner, your experience will stay the same, and we’re looking forward to putting even more energy into making our online training the best it can be.

If you’re one of our SafeStack Advisory friends, this means the same, great advisory services as always; just under a new name and (still purple) logo.

Making this move allows us to stay relentlessly focused on SafeStack Academy, while also giving our advisory clients the attention and support they need.

What’s next?

Around pandemics and other life changes, Dean now has his feet firmly back on local soil, and is all set to help with security advice for everyone.

And what of the love story? It’s got better and better! There is now a ring, and a wee star shaped tattoo on Dean’s arm to match. Happy days.

Dean would love to hear about your advisory needs, so head over to the website and book in a chat to find out more about how SafeAdvisory can help.


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