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SafeStack’s secure development course library provides outcome focused software security training, templates and playbooks for all roles on your software team

Software security training for all roles

It takes a team to build high quality software and it takes a team to secure it. SafeStack provides courses, playbooks and templates for every role.

Includes content for all software roles

Developers, testers, analysts, architects and product owners – there is something for everyone.

Outcome focused training

Use SafeStack software security training to move from theory to practice with courses and playbooks focussed on changing behaviours at every stage of the software development life cycle.

A group of engineers look at a whiteboard illustrating the roles SafeStack provides software security training including testers, developers, analysts, architects, UX and devsecops. These roles are all supported in the SafeStack security education platform.

Try out SafeStack with your team

Sign up for a 14-day trial of our team plan and invite your whole team. No credit card required.

Every month SafeStack seminars bring together security champions from around the world to discuss emerging secure development best practices.

Keep up to date with regular new releases

Software development moves fast. SafeStack is continuously researching and producing new training content to ensure our learners have the security knowledge they need. From established standards like OWASP to new guidance for emerging technologies, SafeStack can keep you and your team up to date.

Aligns with current and emerging software practices

SafeStack focuses on how software is being built now and what is coming soon so that our content is relevant and timely.

Provides approaches for emerging technologies and threats

From AI and LLMs to Low Code and No Code, if there is a new way to build software, SafeStack is researching how to secure it.

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