SafeStack training will give you the skills to manage your own risk.

Information security management is possible for everyone. Let us inspire you and teach you a wide range of practical skills so that you can create security waves in your organisation.

Our Training Courses

We provide a range of low cost training and advisory services aimed specifically at small and start-up organisations.

Information Security Awareness photo

Information Security Awareness

Bringing security awareness and practices to everyone in your organisation, however big or small it may be.

Secure Development photo

Introduction to Secure Development

An introduction to common web application vulnerabilities, how to find them and how to avoid them.

Security for Testers photo

Security for Testers

Learning to identify security vulnerabilities with the robustness and repeatability of a tester.

Incident Response photo

Incident Response 101

What would you do if your systems were breached? This hands on workshop will help you prepare for the worst.

Got a specific training need we haven’t covered?

We can tailor the right training workshop for your organisation. Get in touch with us to explore custom training options.

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