Prioritizing Security for Product Managers


The Product Manager’s Playbook course is a playbook-styled series of modules to help learners do their jobs with security built-in.


Course Objectives

  • This course provides guidance and playbooks for common Product Management tasks, providing job aids and curated resources to help make better decisions.


Prioritizing Security for Product Managers

As a Product Manager, you might wonder, “How do I prioritize security work for our product, when there’s a never-ending list of other valuable deliverables we could be working on.“ Especially, when security work seems to always be critical, but never-ending. We are here to help you with choosing what to do next.

In this playbook, we will cover:

  • Using RICE to prioritize security work, which lets us communicate through risk as the common language.
  • a Google Spreadsheet RICE template, with worked examples
  • We created these with Product Manager’s pains in mind. Additionally, Product Owners, Product Specialists, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Delivery Managers or Associate Product Managers, may find this useful too.

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