Security Fundamentals for Software Development


Security isn’t just about tools and vulnerabilities. Security is a very human field, born from the idea that everything has value and some people will go to great lengths to acquire that value for themselves.

In this course we will examine some of the key concepts that underpin security and why they matter when it comes to protecting our systems and applications.



Course Objectives

  • Understanding and calculating security risk and the impact it can have on our people, data and systems.
  • Identifying the groups and individuals that pose a threat to our security, what drives them and how we can use this information to plan our defenses.
  • The challenges with defending applications and organisations and the steps you can take to become a security champion.


Module 1: Understanding vulnerability and risk

  • What risk and vulnerability are and how they affect our lives.
  • How risk applies in the digital space and how our response to these risks needs to change.
  • How to calculate risk, understand its impact and manage our vulnerabilities.

Module 2: Threat actors and motivation

  • What common threat actors exist and how they differ from each other.
  • What motivations drive an attacker to exploit a vulnerability.
  • The impact of attacks on our systems, organisations, and operations.

Module 3: Why security matters

  • The challenges of defending our applications and organisations.
  • The limitations of our previous approaches and the consequences for our teams.
  • The role that software development teams have in becoming security champions for their application