Uncovering Security Requirements for Business Analysts


As a Business Analyst, figuring out where to start with uncovering security requirements can be a challenge. In this course, we equip you with key concepts and questions for you to ask, as part of your requirements elicitation workflow. 

This course will help bootstrap some key ideas you can take into your requirements discovery, elicitation, and planning discussions. These will help you better navigate these conversations, and support you in uncovering the security requirements.

You will also have the details necessary for writing user stories for the backlog, and any subsequent prioritization activities your team takes.



Course Objectives

  • Helping with your preparation and requirements gathering process
  • Identifying relevant stakeholders for the security work to be done
  • Asking the right questions to help get these details


Module 1: Uncovering Security Requirements for Business Analysts

  • Creating a list of stakeholders that we need to speak with that have security needs
  • Creating a list of questions to ask each stakeholder group to uncover our security requirements

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