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Our customers share why cyber security is important to them and how training their teams through SafeStack helps keep their organizations safe and secure online.

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How cyber security training helps Auror reduce theft and organised retail crime

As Auror’s international presence grew, having a consistent level of cyber security awareness across their organization became increasingly important. Find out why they chose SafeStack’s training programs.


Helping Timely build secure applications from design to delivery

As firm believers in cyber security being a shared responsibility, Timely appreciates how SafeStack helps them build secure development practices into their software development lifecycle, from initial design all the way through to product delivery.


Engaging, practical cyber security training for everyone at Prospa

Building their development team’s security skills and raising cyber security and privacy awareness across the whole organization have been key areas of focus for Prospa since introducing SafeStack to their team. They’ve already seen a positive impact, especially in being able to quickly and easily share flexible, relevant, hands-on training content that their people enjoy.


Bringing cyber security into Smudge’s culture of learning

Understanding security is key to app development company Smudge’s work, so finding a training program they could count on to keep their team up to date was a priority. Their search for high-quality, relevant content that met their compliance needs while keeping their team engaged led them to SafeStack.


Building a culture of cyber security and privacy resilience at Wairoa District Council

The team at Wairoa District Council has always believed that cyber security and privacy training should be provided in every workplace. Since introducing SafeStack, they’ve seen their team building confidence around cyber security, as well as increasing their productivity and mental wellbeing associated with knowing how to implement cyber security practices in their daily workflows.


How Laybuy meets cyber security best practise through informative and concise training

As a customer-focused financial technology company, Laybuy cares about delivering the best possible solutions to its customers, and cyber security is a top priority. Since introducing SafeStack training, Laybuy has seen a positive impact, where their development and quality assurance teams now easily meet PCI DSS compliance requirements and deliver top quality secure code.


Why Assignar sees cyber security training as an important investment in their team

It might seem challenging to measure return on investment (ROI) in secure development and cyber security training programs — but not for Assignar. Find out how SafeStack helps them meet their team’s career goals as well as company-wide compliance requirements.


How cyber security training helps Onwardly build trust with their customers

Onwardly’s small team prioritizes cyber security in their business and builds strong, long-term relationships with their customers. Learn how SafeStack’s training programs help them protect their team and build a consistently high-quality product.