How Laybuy meets cyber security best practices through informative and concise training

As a customer-focused financial technology company, Laybuy cares about delivering the best possible solutions to its customers, and cyber security is a top priority.

Since introducing SafeStack training, Laybuy has seen a positive impact, where their development and quality assurance teams now easily meet PCI DSS compliance requirements and deliver top-quality secure code.

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“For our team, it’s important to have a simple solution with informative yet interesting content that updates frequently. SafeStack keeps developers engaged, providing them with information in easy-to-digest blocks without taking too much time in a very busy environment.”

Oleg Zavivaev
IT Operations and Security Manager, Laybuy

Laybuy is a Buy Now, Pay Later provider founded in New Zealand and operating globally with over 120 staff across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It offers its customers an easy way to pay for their purchases in six weekly installments.

A total of 15 staff across the development and quality assurance teams at Laybuy use SafeStack’s Secure Development program.  

Laybuy’s development team works hard to deliver the best possible content, part of which is making sure they’re meeting security standards and expectations. Online customer safety is paramount for financial technology companies, and Laybuy strives to provide a product that complies with cyber security best practices.

Getting the team on board

To keep their developers and testers up to date with constantly evolving cyber security standards and practices, Laybuy introduced SafeStack’s ongoing Secure Development training program.

SafeStack’s programs were top of mind for Laybuy, as they’d been recommended by colleagues in the industry and also by independent cyber security advisors.

Laybuy started the process of evaluating SafeStack by doing a free trial, and then asking for their team’s opinion on the training.

Most of the team already knew of or had heard about SafeStack and were very enthusiastic about getting full-time access to it.

Oleg Zavivaev, IT Operations and Security Manager

Since Laybuy introduced SafeStack training, the quality of their code has improved, as their development and quality assurance teams now think about code with security practices in mind. This allows Laybuy to meet PCI DSS compliance requirements, with their assessor describing Laybuy’s security training efforts as “simply outstanding”.

Adding value by delivering unique content

Laybuy’s feedback on SafeStack has been excellent, with their team describing the Secure Development training content as “unique, with the information crafted by experts, not copy-pasted from different sources all over the internet”.

SafeStack’s training is well structured and the information is easy to digest. I like that I don’t need to go through the entire course in one go but instead can spend 15 minutes on a short lesson when I have spare time.

SafeStack Learner, Laybuy

The simple, easy-to-use interface of SafeStack’s learning platform makes it straightforward for Laybuy’s team to train at their own pace, working through courses and modules in an order that suits them — all of which helps them weave security into their everyday software development practice.

I would recommend SafeStack to development teams striving to produce good, secure products. The current tendencies in the IT industry emphasize that security is paramount for software development, and SafeStack is one of the best solutions in the industry to help our teams to achieve modern security standards.

Oleg Zavivaev, IT Operations and Security Manager

We feel privileged to support Laybuy in making their software more secure and we look forward to seeing their international growth continue. 

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