Engaging, practical cyber security training for everyone at Prospa

Building their development team’s security skills and raising cyber security and privacy awareness across the whole organization have been key areas of focus for Prospa since introducing SafeStack to their team. They’ve already seen a positive impact, especially in being able to quickly and easily share flexible, relevant, hands-on training content that their people enjoy.

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“Using SafeStack makes rolling out cyber security training so much easier. We know we’re getting high quality content that’s relevant to what our team needs to know.”

Marina Levi
Cyber Security Engineer, Prospa

Prospa is an ASX-listed, multi-award-winning financial technology company and Australia’s #1 online lender to small businesses.

It was founded in 2012 with the vision of changing the way small business owners experience finance and now operates across Australia and New Zealand. 
SafeStack has proved to be an ideal solution for Prospa’s cyber security needs. It allows them to build general skills and knowledge across their 250-person team through the Security and Privacy Awareness program; as well as providing specialist training for some of their engineering team with the Secure Development program.

Why Prospa chose SafeStack

Prospa had been searching for secure development training programs that would suit their team, and found SafeStack to be a good fit.

Some of the key factors that influenced their decision were relevant content that explained concepts clearly; hands-on elements like online labs that let learners practice their skills; and flexibility, so their team could work at their own pace.
After successfully getting members of their engineering team started with SafeStack’s Secure Development program, they decided to also sign the rest of their staff up for Security and Privacy Awareness. 
Marina Levi, Cyber Security Engineer at Prospa, explains there were several needs they were looking to meet through this training, too. 

We were looking for training content that would grab people’s attention and keep them engaged, that was practical and useful, and that would help us meet ISO compliance requirements.

Marina Levi, Cyber Security Engineer

Prospa found that introducing the Security and Privacy Awareness program to their team through social events helped get people interested and involved. They also appreciate the ease of using SafeStack’s learning management system (LMS) and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

New ways of delivering training

The security team at Prospa used to deliver security awareness sessions in-house, and before finding SafeStack in their search across multiple vendors, LMS, and content providers, they’d been thinking of building their own courses to use internally. 
Marina says, “Using SafeStack makes rolling out cyber security training so much easier. We know we’re getting high quality content that’s relevant to what our team needs to know, and their LMS gives us a straightforward way for everyone to access their courses.” 
Running in-person cyber security training had brought up challenges for Prospa, both with scheduling and scalability. Now, using SafeStack means their staff can do their training when it suits them, and the easy scalability frees the security team up to focus on other priorities.

Making a positive impact

With Prospa’s subscription to the Security and Privacy Awareness program and new courses released regularly throughout the year, they expect to see a lift in cyber security and privacy awareness across their organization. They’ve already seen greater success with this approach compared to the face-to-face sessions they used to run.
Providing new courses every quarter, the Secure Development program helps Prospa’s development team understand fundamental and emerging security concepts more comprehensively, consider security from the perspective of a potential attacker, and practice their skills as they learn. Putting all of these aspects together means they’re better equipped to protect their applications by weaving security throughout their software development life cycle. 
The feedback on SafeStack programs has been very positive, and Prospa is now looking at expanding the Secure Development program to their entire engineering team.
We’re excited to see Prospa continuing to grow and we look forward to helping their team build their cyber security superpowers.

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