Measuring security ROI

Metrics and Reporting

Whatever your goals with SafeStack, high quality metrics and reporting are essential. SafeStack makes it easy to track your teams progress, measure your application security ROI and push towards your goals.

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Measure your maturity

SafeStack provides comprehensive reporting, allowing you to monitor how well your team is doing, where they excel, and where they might need some extra help. With reporting and metrics, you’ll be able to fine-tune your training efforts and make sure your team are on their way to becoming security champions and you are in control of your application security ROI.

Monitor your teams progress against your goals

Quickly identify your most engaged learners and who might need a boost, so you can celebrate successes and give extra support where it’s needed.

Adapt your training program as you go

By keeping an eye on the numbers, you can adjust your learning pathways as you go, making sure you’re always on the right path to success.

Move from Awareness to Advocacy

Embracing secure development is as much about changing your culture as it is technical skills. SafeStack makes it easy to measure your progress and move your team from basic understanding to embracing software security by design.


Understanding the need for application security and how it applies to their roles and responsibilities.
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Taking active steps to bring application security practices to their day to day work.
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Embracing security as part of software quality and working as an advocate for security practices in the team.
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Making compliance easy

While compliance isn’t why we build software, getting it sorted can make things a lot easier. SafeStack reporting makes tracking and meeting your compliance goals (such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001)  easy.

Full range of reports to suit any requirement

Track your progress on a per learner, per course or per learning pathway basis with our simple reporting tool.

Easy data sharing and evidence gathering

SafeStack makes it easy to share your reports with auditors, executives or other stakeholders. Simply download as CSV or use one of our direct integrations to automatically export your results.

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No time for a trial?

Let our team demonstrate SafeStack and how it could help make secure-by-design part of your application security ROI metrics.

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