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Educate and engage your software development team

Roll out a secure development education program across your entire team in minutes.

Combining courses, hands-on labs, and community, SafeStack helps you build a cyber security culture that lasts a lifetime.

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What’s in a Secure Development membership?

Turn theory into practice


Video format with closed captions


Explore concepts and test your knowledge

Verify achievements


Earn and share your achievements

Available on Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans

Purpose-built safe places for support


Dive deep into topical subjects with hands-on sessions


Supporting peer-to-peer collaboration

Available on Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans

It takes more than just software developers to create secure applications

SafeStack provides high-quality, role-specific training to suit your entire team including testers, analysts, architects, engineers, and design specialists.

Complete courses for your specialism and earn verified credentials to add to your CV and share with your peers.

Practice your skills with hands-on labs

Labs are built into SafeStack courses, with each one giving you a scenario about a fictional company called Crypt-Oh-No and a challenge to solve by applying what you’ve learned.

No fancy equipment required — all you need is a browser and its built-in developer tools.

Build your security culture through collaboration

We know community matters, so we’ve built it into our program with an online community and monthly seminars available live and on-demand.

Available on Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Tailor your training to fit perfectly with Learning Paths

Learning Paths gives you the control you need to match your team’s cyber security training to your specific needs.

Whether you’re juggling the priorities of different teams in your organization, staring down a compliance deadline, or wanting to support your team to focus on what’s important right now, Learning Paths can help.

Available on Team and Enterprise plans.

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Take the stress out of meeting compliance

Passing audits is rarely exciting, but SafeStack makes it easy, so you can focus on what matters.

Meet the requirements of significant information security compliance schemes like ISO27001 and PCI DSS, and prove your team’s progress with easy-to-use built-in reporting.

Manage your team’s training with ease

Stay in control of your budget and respond to changes in your team by adding, removing, and managing users with our self-service options.

“The SafeStack team are experts in helping organizations make secure development a reality, and their training practically addresses the hard business problems teams face when trying to improve security. I thoroughly recommend them.”

Darren Bilby


“Providing high-quality security training to our product teams is a cornerstone of our overall plan for creating a more secure product and software delivery lifecycle, and SafeStack meets our needs perfectly.”

Camille Marsigny

Information Security Lead

“Having SafeStack’s training in place leads to a safer company, stronger security of our products and customer data, and ultimately supports Trade Me’s position as one of our country’s most trusted brands.”

Kate Pearce

head of security

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