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Secure your startup

The earlier you start with cyber security in your startup, the easier it is.

SafeStack offers early-stage companies 50% off our team plan for the first 12 months.

Special Offer

50% off SafeStack
Team Plan

Startups can apply to get 50% off for their first year using SafeStack, including all team plan features and integrations.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You’re a new customer, or you’re on the free plan
  • You have less than 20 developers on your team,
  • Your company was founded less than 10 years ago and
  • You  are pre Series A.

Application process:

  • Click on “Apply Now” and complete the form. 
  • The SafeStack team will review your application within 3 business days.

Startup Customer Stories

A robot dances next to a piggy bank when he realises you can get a startup discount and secure your startup early.

Secure early, grow revenue and save money

There are probably a dozen risks that your organization faces every day that are a higher priority than cyber security. That’s the reality of being an early stage company. Instead of focusing on the risk, at SafeStack we believe cyber security in startups can be a tool for growth.

Early security adoption is much easier than doing it later

Scaling processes you put in place early is much easier than retrofitting practices later when your organization is much more complex.

Supports selling to larger organizations

Most young companies dream of selling to a large, established brand but in reality, the procurement process can be a nightmare. Reduce friction by meeting their security requirements now.

Trusted by over 1500 organizations worldwide

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Making compliance easy

While compliance isn’t why we build software, getting it sorted can make things a lot easier. SafeStack helps startups big and small meet their compliance requirements with ease.

Integrates with major compliance platforms

Take the stress out of compliance with easy to use integrations and automatic data syncing to major compliance platforms.

Meets requirements of major compliance schemes

Including ISO27001, PCI DSS, SOC2, NIST 800-53 and more

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Try out SafeStack with your team

Sign up for a 14-day trial of our team plan and invite your whole team. No credit card required.